For those of you who may have missed it, this is a relatively short poker run, maybe 20 miles total distance so we can do it on a week night (no traffic, no hassel from the authorities, etc...). From Holland, MI, north a few miles, then turning south to Saugatuck for dinner at Coral Gables. ALL BOATS are welcome. So far, according to Rambunctious (who is the primary organizer) we have 42 boats and 2 PWC's!!! Last year we had 29 boats, so we are growing!!

Cost is $30 per person, captains are free. This gets you one hand per boat, docking at Coral Gables in Saugatuck, and cheese burgers and fries for everyone (alternative meals available for those who cannot eat beef or dairy products). Drinks are on YOU!!

If you want to join us last minute (and you know you do!!!) PLEASE email rambunctious TONIGHT or EARLY tomorrow. [email protected]

We meet for the first card just inside the Holland channel (near Eldeens marina) BEFORE 6:00 pm. If you get there at 6, you'll be late!!!

Hope to see some of you there. If you need directions and can't wait for an email reply from Rob, call me tonight at 616-540-1224.