At the launch yesterday I was approached by some people looking for Patrol boats for the Grand Haven races. They will be held on Laborday weekend, Sunday is the intial day and Monday will be the make up day in case of weather on Sunday causing a cancellation. They need over 40 boats for the job.

First question, has any one done this for a race and is it fun or too much work. You do get a front row seat, but do you get to watch the race or chase boats back all day long. They said that the time involved would be 9am to 5pm. There are some perks, shirts, etc.

If anyone is interested in looking into it to sign up they gave me an email address:

[email protected]

Scott is the man's name that can get you more info.

I havent decided what I might do.. any suggestions would be appreciated.. just thought I would pass along the info at this point..