I would like to say to Chris Reindhl and the F1 team of Screamin Eagle that I 'm sorry that I couldn't make it to Milwaukee as planned but Friday morning at work I blew my lower back out and am now in a Vicodin hase on the couch, and can't walk upright at the moment. I really wanted to help out and with the race being only 1 1/2 hrs away from home this was my only chance for the year. I still had hoped that I would feel good enough to at least come and watch but I don't think I could handle the trip. My daughter is a little mad at me because she was looking forward to the ride Chris had arranged for her birthday. Thanks for the opportunity and I will try to make it next year to make good on my promise to help. It was anounced that the annual APBA membership meeting will be held in Milwaukee in Feb 2004 so if any of you can make it please look me up.

Thanks Again