I am putting all my boat racing photos into various DVD slide shows and am looking for some music to go with them.
My DVD recording program (MYDVD) allows each chapter to be a maximum of 99 photos. I have been adding music cuts to each chapter from such albums as Saturday Night Fever, Yanni, Fleetwod Mac, etc. and just using the tracks that are in the 6-15 minute range in time. This allows each photo to stay on screen for good (not too short or too long ) viewing time.
I have been looking for (and have no knowlege what to exactly look for) Disco type DJ Dance music on a CD with cuts of about 10 minutes each and without vocals.

I don't want to use the hard rock type of sounds. Just something with a good rythum beat that would be compatible with photos of boats in motion.

Are there any DJ type CDs out that I can use??

Thanks in advance