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Then Pantera you saw was mine. Its a 2002 F1 with a860hp blower motor , Its a P3 boat, I live in Fairfield , give me a call and Ill take you for a ride before old man winter hits . Tony Bishoff built the motor,did an excellent job, thank god I got it away from the HACK of fairfield, and with the help of Merlin540 and his son I have one neat piece of equipment. The boat spins a 31 pitch prop at 5800rpm. A freiend of mine from Hubbard ohio and I raced it at Mentor but had electrical Msd problems and only made 4 of the 5 laps , but theres next season.
Yea man, follow the rest of that Cincy bunch up here to Columbus Oct. 4th. Oh yea, ya don't have to follow them up, just smell the funk in the air from A4's left over banana peels in the boat, that will get ya there