You know what is CLEARLY AMAZING TO ME? Firday and Saturday night dirt track warriors have better organization, better and more consistant rules, better and more consistant promotion, better and more loyal fans, and they are doing it on shoe string budgets. I know, because I help a friend out with a 358 Modified when I am not traveling to a poker run or fun run. The level of education and sophistication of these people vs. those affiliated with offshore is incredible. You wanna talk about just wanting to race? Go in the pits and listen to a drivers meeting. It is about 2 things. The FANS and the RACERS and there are several guys in my area alone that make real descent livings doing it full time. Granted they are not making 200k a year, but up here 100k goes a long way. And you know what? These guys all get along for the most part, help each other out like nothing I have ever seen, and are having a hell of a lot of fun! Offshore racing has been this way for decades and from what I have seen will ALWAYS be this way. Every so many years a new regime comes in promising the world and underdelievering. It is ALWAYS someone else's fault and they are the end all and be all. The racers drift back and forth from APBA to SBI to USO to OPA to GLSCS yadda yadda yadda. You know what is amazing? Go to any fun run or local poker run and you get just as many boats, that go just as fast, tons of "fans" who are really just spectators but whatever you guys want to call them, and they have a sh!t load of FUN! Look at Nemschoff's, Forrest Barber, Matt Alcone, Tim Ciasulli, the guys from Jelly Belly, Andy Trauth, Carl Myers ( who sponsors several dirt track cars now)etc etc etc. Where did they end up? Poker runs and or local fun runs and local auto racing, dir or asphalt. Why? Because they all have seen this same nonsense before. It is a shame, and I hope the racers current and future will all go into this understanding that the entire sport needs such a major overhaul before it really gets off the ground. Having a positive outlook and mindset is one thing. But be realistic. Visions of grandeur are nothing without execution.