Dateline: Friday, October 3, 2003, 3:00pm CDT.

Friends: I am pleased to report that our attorneys in New York have informed us that the settlement agreement approved by the Interim APBA BOD last Friday has now been agreed to "on the record" in open court before Justice Makowski in NY by Respondents, Allweiss, Jones, Jacobsen et al. I believe this means that the APBA will be returned to the members and that the licensees of the APBA will remain contractors of the APBA. The members will still vote for all of the Board of Directors. In other words, SeaTac is gone!

I realize that these disputes have caused great confusion within the APBA particularly in the Offshore Category but also in the others as well. I am glad the disputes are over.

See you in the first turn. Ed Hearn.