Got my 4th issue of Extreme Boats on Sat. I must say that the color was spectacular and the full page shots of Ettore, Team Virgin and Muscle were awesome.
I'm disappointed with 10, full color pages, that were devoted to "extreme drinks", a custom Harley and 1 young lady. The cover made mention that extreme girls was by popular demand. In my opinion, 4 pages ( 6 pictures ) devoted to the same girl is overkill.
The Harley and the "drinks" were total B.S.
The first 3 issues were outstanding, don't get me wrong. Is this supposed to be a BOATING magazine, not one devoted to "fluff", to sell magazines?
I would like to see, in future issues, more technical articles and in depth pieces on "readers rides"-race boats etc.
I'm not so naive as to believe that "skin" doesn't sell and I realize that this is a for profit venture.
For those of you that have received your 4th issue, any similar responses or am I all wet?