A blonde woman driver gets pulled over by a blonde police woman for speeding.

Officer: "I need to see your drivers license and

Driver: "I don't know what those items are"

Officer: "Your registration will probably be in the your
glove box."

(Driver finds registration and hands it to the officer)

Officer: "OK, now I need to see your drivers license.
It will have a picture of you on it"

Driver, (confused)

Officer: "OK, pull down your sun visor and look in
the mirror, it will have a picture that looks like
that on it. It should be in your purse."

Driver: (Looks thru purse and sees her makeup
compact, which she opens and sees herself in
the mirror)
" Oh goody, here it is" ( hands the compact to
the blonde police woman)

Officer (opens compact and looks at the mirror)
"Why didn't you say you were police officer, I
would have let you go!"