I'm considering running my family (including 10 yr old boy, 19 yr old daughter- so I need to keep it tame) to Ft Lauderdale-Keys for xmas, Pantera 28 in tow. Planned on hitting slow intercoastal, a little ocean depending on the weather, and hopefully the keys. Aside from stopping to see the Pantera factory, any must see/ must do's while I'm in the hood. My family should be good up to 4', all been in my dad's 30' charter boat in worse actually. I have a clue, done the powersquadron thing and don't have more ego than sense. I checked insurance- cost me $25 to add 15 miles out to my inland waters policy. May even get sea tow for the week if it makes sense (single 575 SCI).

Just looking for any pointers from my OSO friends.

Any hotels more friendly with trailers etc? May stay a few days in Deerfield area (I work for a company based in Coconut Creek) and a few days in the Keys. Want to find fresh water to flush rinse, wash trailer everyday.

Good boatramps?? (Dodge 3500 4x- steep and slippery is ok)

Thanks in advance!