Define "junk" cars. It will help me get a good count.

Let's see, my yard is about 1.3 acres.
Down by the shore line I have one canoe, a fiberglass pedalboat, a plastic double-hulled rowboat, a Leisure Lift for a jetski, six lawn chairs, three assorted aluminum ladders, a spool of 5/16 galvanized cable, and three old blocks of styrofoam (ALL of this stuff is laying in miscellaneous locations in the yard, not properly attached/docked/moored - AND the lawnchairs aren't sitting around where you can use them, they are in a loose stack and the bottoms are rotted out of them BUT I MIGHT NEED THEM FOR SOMETHING SOMETIME).
About a third of the way up the yard, I have a homemade bike trailer welded up of steel walk-grate like you see on industrial catwalks with the rear end of an old Volkswagen Rabbit welded under it with full suspension. I also have a 4x8 flatbed trailer backed up to a tree.
two thirds of the way up the yard I have my 1985 Nissan 4x4 with the bed floor rusted halfway out of it (new tires, cold a/c, and gas shocks though).

The back of the house has a 80' long concrete patio and 55' of it is covered with a deck. Under the deck I have two wheelbarrows, a jetski trailer, a 17 horse 1980 Cub Cadet, a tilt trailer for the Cub, a big stack of cinder blocks, four 5-gal pails of diesel fuel, seven or eight 5-gal cans of gasoline (some are premix, some are regular, some are premium, and two are VP C16 race fuel). There's a short extension ladder, a wood 8' stepladder, a stack of pvc pipe, and three decrepit motorcycles from my child/youth years (a long way from restoration).

Just two years ago there was a 1984 Renault Alliance with no windows parked under there as well. I gave it to my wife's sister via the church (donated it to the church, got a $700 write-off, then they gave it to her).

HEY! I DID get rid of something!! Maybe all hope is not lost!!!