We too use Dell at work for all our computer needs. There products seem to be fine and their support for corporate customers seems to be better than for individuals buyers. When I started to order my last computer, I was ready to push the "buy" button on the Dell Web page for a system I selected. Several of my co-workers then told me of horror stories with the Dell support. Basically, you are likely to get a trouble free product. But, if you have trouble, forget it. Well, the last thing I need is to argue about something like a computer, so I went to the Gateway Store, to deal with a live person for my computer needs. The comparable Gateway was about $200.00 more, but I have someplace to take it back to, and a personal with a name I can talk to at any time. This is my second Gateway and so far has been perfect.
Just my .02.

As far as gun control, I though this was a thread about computers on a web site about performace boats. Just proves how easy it is to get political about any discussion.