Well, this cold, snowy weather is not for me!! I'm leaving for Destin, Florida on Friday!! It's been about 3 years since my last visit. I was wondering if any one on the board was from around Destin? I'll be in Destin through Christmas then heading down to the Venice/Bradenton area. Then back to Panama for New Years!!

I'm going to be visiting family and looking at colleges, but also I didnt know what good offshore attractions there are around the area. I know there are a bunch, I was just hopeing to get names of few places. Or what I should check out while I'm down there.

Also, all my offshore boating experience has never left the Great Lake Erie.. I was wondering if anyone will be doing any sea trials... I've been on the Gulf, just never on an offshore boat.. Just getting the experience right there would make my trip!!! I would even be willing to throw in on gas.

Please feel free to PM me or send back with any information!!