What is it about strays? I have a five year old grey puff ball that my son's found in the woods as a kitten. Vet said she was about 5 weeks old. I spent close to $200 on the cat before we ever got her to the house! We have gone the peeing rounds and I never figured out what it was. I know she didn't like being left over the weekend sometimes, but once she peed on my suitcase! I chunked her furry butt outside for a month and she hasn't offered to pee on ANYTHING since she has been back in the house.

Rippem, my cat has to have the nightly quality time too. Heaven forbid I'm trying to read because she is going to get in front of the book, one way or another. She even climbed OVER the book once. You just have to give up and let them have their way!