I've had 2 TECs, and they are the best ever for steaks.

I happen to LIKE the outside charred and the inside rare, so it's perfect for me.

A place like Ruth's Chris makes lousy steaks because they don't char the outside enough. Personal preference, of course.

Mortons uses a very hot grill, and as a result their steaks come out the way I like 'em.

TEC also does marinated chicken breasts in about 2 min./side. Moist inside, "grilled" outside.

Only problem I had was using the rotisserie: the basting liquid would drip onto the ceramic and cause big flare-ups. Never did solve that proble.

My last TEC was stolen from my deck by someone in a boat (only way to get in), and I replaced it with a Frontgate grill.

Not nearly as good for steaks/chicken, because it doesn't get hot enough (although it does everything else just fine), and it's a lot bigger.

I solved that problem by replacing the regulator with one from a deep-fat turkey fryer that can be adjusted.

I'm sure it's not what the grill manufacturer had in mind, but I can turn that sucker up and make the grates glow bright red! It's now just as fast and effective as a TEC, and I love it. Only downside is that I'm quite sure I could melt the whole grill down if I left it on "high" too long, cause it gets VERY hot.