Wife and I decided to get some time in on the water before the rains came. Man did it rain last night!

This is the first time in the water with the new prop. I had a 21" Mirage and picked up a brand new 21" Laser II off E-Bay.
Boat seemed to come out of the hole a little quicker and also seemed to carry the bow with less trim.
Tried a couple of WOT runs and as I trimed up the drive the stern got real lite, danced a little (chine walk?) but settled right down. The whole boat felt lite. Dropping the nose a little made it feel more stable but didn't alter speed. Top end was close to what it was before, maybe a couple less.

The only quirk I found so far was when we were cruising at 3k rpm and I tried to make a slow turn to the right. The boat suddenly fell off plane but rpm stayed at 3k. Tried adding power but nothing changed. First though was I ventelated the prop in the turn, then I thought maybe the hub spun since more power didn't seem to help. I slowed to idle, straightened out, and added power. All was ok, popped right up on plane. Tried another WOT run and it pulled right up to speed.
Later on I tried the same turn again but nothing happened. I'm thinking water conditions had something to do with it.
And now I find the steering pulls to the left. I just replaced the water pump (Alpha) and maybe I didn't get the tab right. Or is the Laser prop causing more pull than the Mirage?
I'll fiddle with the tab and see if I can adjust it out.

After putter her on thre trailer I pulld the drain plug and out came about 10 gallons or so of water. I heard the bilge pump come on as I pulled it up the ramp. Now I have to find where the leak is.