Finally got to take the Formula out for it's spring shake down run. I'd re-comissioned it a couple weeks ago (fired and checked the motors, checked the AC which I hadn't used in years, found one bilge pump float switch I still need to R&R, it leaks about 1/2 volt when in the off position) but then had to go on travel and didn't get it out till yesterday.

I got up early and washed the boat before I started on the yard work. It was raining lightly while I did some grass seeding, then cleared up a little so I decided it was time to go for it.

Boat ran great, ran it up to full throttle once it had been run long enough to get up some oil temp (with the cold river water the water temp never got over 120). Water was dead flat and full fuel, but still pulled up to it's normal max with the trim out at 6.

Didn't stay out long as it was pretty cool in just a t-shirt and life jacket (yes I had it on) and there was no-one else on the water except one little jet boat doing donuts.

I'll probably run it again a couple of times just to keep it in shape for it's future owner (got to find out where you order one of those at ).