Tonight, will introduce a new segment that features new marine businesses. This will become a regular segment on the "Martin Sanborn Show" and feature new businesses that want to meet and greet performance boaters and tell them what they do. Tonight Fred Cecil, also known on as "Too Old" from Trick Marine will be Martin's guest in the first segment of the his show.

The second hour on will be the third installment of "Offshore Racing Recap" an will be hosted by Martin Sanborn. Tonight Martin will go over all the things that happened in Orange Beach, AL at the "Thunder on the Gulf" with his guests. We will try to get racers David Scott, Gary Nichols, Brian Haupt, Steve Kepez, Allen Campbell, Eddie Smith and others on the show for your calls.

Martin will also take some time to go over the recent Powerboat Magazine Awards that he attended this past weekend.

So is going to be full of entertainment tonight and we invite you to listen, join the chat room on and have a great evening for the "Tuesday Night Offshore Talk and Type".

Enjoy the show! You too can call in using 1-800-582-2150 and be a part of the show!

Drew, Kell, Ted and Martin

ps: Don't forget that little thought for all our troops that are out there doing what they do so that we can do what we do everyday in this wonderful country of ours. Bless those troops and families and give them a helping hand whenever you can.

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