Got my drive back on and splashed the Pachanga. Replaced all the bearing sets in the top half. What had happened was it got hot and seized the pinion bearing, and forward gear was blued from heat. Yes, DRIVE SHOWER is coming, used for 75 bux(not bad?)

Anyhoo I filled it up with green death, gonna dump it and whatever metal comes out in a week and refill w/ Amsoil.
Shifting is perfect, no rattle or anything, slips right in quietly.
It whines a lot more than it ever did before. It's normal, right, breaking in? Not gonna rev it over 3500 for at least 10 hours as advised. But no vibration, no other weird noise or anything. I think it's gonna be ok. Is this dang whine gonna chill out though?
Also, the bottom port side stud is spinning when I try to torque it hard. It's tight, but I can't put any real turn on it. How bad should I sweat that?

I love you pontoon boat, BUT...

New board looks pretty cool, Steve. Thanks for some decent emoticons!