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Thanks for the recommendations.

Wasabe - Sabatinos food was great!! The service was even better (after we finally found our way there). Looked at some of the boats in the dry stack but could see much over the fence. Didn't have time to wander around 'cause it was dark and we had to get back to Long Beach.

Also enjoyed the Yard House..had dinner there. Right across the street from the Convention Center. And also had lunch at a little place on the other side of the marina (can't recall the name of the place) down from the Chocolate Factory.

Weather was awesome!


I'm glad you enjoyed Sabi's. It's one of my favorites. I like the YardHouse but I have that almost everyday. I work in th Questsoftware building across the street. (Spectrum).

Next time your in the area try The Cannery. It's right by Sabi's. They serve everything. The ambiance it fantastic. Make sure you get the water seats.