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Absolutely correct! Solid surface tops (Corian/Avonite/etc.) are the easiest to maintain, BY FAR! Granite, marble, Formica and tile will chip/scratch and cannot be fixed without major time and $$.

Personally, I would go with solid surface. But you won't be able to do the tops on your own, especially if you go with a one piece integrated sink. If you choose to have it done professionally, don't use a home improvement retailer. Hire someone on your own who fabricates and installs tops for a living. You'll be happier in the end!

The Corian and Corian style countertops are the easiest to maintain, but then they require the most maintenance. The products are basically a hard plastic. They do scratch and they will stain. It seems like Corian was actually a more durable product six/eight years ago.

Granite and especially Marble will chip. They will both lose their "shine" in your heavy work stations and at some point will have to be refinished.

Silestone is virtually indestructable. Comprised of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% acrylic, it is a man made product. I've hit samples with a claw hammer and can't chip it. You can put hot pans on it, nothing. I've read and keep on file, 5 different "comparison tests" of all the different countertop products, and Silestone handily won them all. The acrylic shine will never diminsh, and down here it is the only "solid surface" material approved by the Health Dept. for commercial food prep because of it's non-porous characteristic. It is the only product that offers a ten year unconditional guarantee.

I've installed about thirty of these tops in the last 18 months. They are simply great.