We had another extremely entertaining show with guests Mike Livorsi of Livorsi Marine and John Tomlinson of TNT Custom Marine.

Mike answered questions on gauges and installation, mufflers and even some problem solving for callers. Thanks Mike for a good time.

John Tomlinson shared his wealth of knowledge with us. David Scott was on the line and they both shared their experiences from racing to doing 200MPH kilo record runs. Incredible men and machines.

John also had Todd Werner on last night and gave us some insight into their new MTI cat project the debuted in Biloxi this year and gave us an update on the St. Pete race. Todd has stepped up from the Super Cat Triple Outboard to his new MTI that he campaigns in OSS Cat this year with John Tomlinson on the throttles.

We would like to thank all our guests from last night for a wonderful evening and especially thank our callers, listeners and sponsors for all their support.

To anyone that called and got dropped we apologize, we were having a summer lightning storm over the control room and the phone lines got a little unreliable for a few minutes. Please call back at a later show. We do value your calls.

The show will replay on Thursday, June 10 beginning at 8:30pm ET for those that missed it. Go to www.talkoffshore.com.

Thanks again for listening!

Drew, Kell, Ted and Martin