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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    I do the same stupid thing every year. The harbor I boat out of is dredged in a s shape and very tricky @ only a 20' wide channel. Sooo every spring before someone decides to put in the bouys/pylons I get stuck in the mud. I've been going through this same channel for years now, even used my GPS to get through and somehow I manage to get in the mud at least once a year, normally when there are alot of people around watching us leave.

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    Fountain Climber

    Dude that hurt me just reading your story Hope they can patch you together!

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fountainclimber

    I should have read your thread. This just happened Saturday and no, no alcohol was involved.

    Amoralled the sun pad during the day. Got home in time to cut the grass to keep the wife happy.

    It was about 7:30 and the dew was starting to form. I stood up on the sun pad and grabbed the cover. My legs went out and stopped on the rail which caused both knees to pop. Then I fell forward whacking both forearms on the swim platform. I casually rolled off catching my leg on the new Bravo 1 and finally stopped moving when my hip hit the driveway.

    The worst part is that this was only my second time out this year due to the crappy spring. I then had to sit on the deck Sunday on what would have been a great boating day.

    Oh well, off to the orthopedic clinic.

    WOW,, mine was more funny than painful,,,, hope your feeling better... I never put a drop of anything on the swim platform, but that sucker is slicker than SH!T through a goose. I'm hoping because its a new boat and all, the slickness will go away..

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    First stupid thing: Bought boat in the winter.

    Second stupid thing: Tried to leave the dock with a line still attached. (no excuse, I'm the skipper, but I really did think that an experienced friend grabbed that line. Then I couldn't see it because he was between me and that cleat.)
    Couldn't figure out why the boat kept trying to go under the dock on the port side.
    Figured it out soon enough.
    No damage, great laughs for the people nearby.

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    Having two girls on the boat and while approaching the dock, they decide to throw the lines, only nothing or no one had the ends, so the third smart person threw the fender with the line, only that too was no attached to any hand, cleat etc.,..

    I just laughed so hard and then realized no one on the boat unless they get a basic 101. It was pretty funny, cause we all fit the dumb blonde mold to the teee...I still laugh about it . And yes, current strong, wind etc.. was strong.. Problem was I didnt need them to help with the lines, I was approaching to dock, then planned to get off and then tie up. They just decided to help.. The girls and I still laugh about it cause while they did it, all the guys on the side just laughed-and shook their heads. It still was a great day of boating anyway.

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    Many years ago my best friend and I were working on his 40 hp Evenrude. We go it running and decided to bolt on a boat he had and try it out.
    This "boat" was about 12' long, plywood, and weighed around 200-275 bs. We had some trouble trying to carry it to the sea wall but managed to toss it in. It did have a helm and engine controls.
    The engine was a little heavy for the boat and had to put the fuel tank in the bow to keep the stern from going under.
    The sun was setting as we quickly rigged the controls up, yanked the starter rope, and off he went with me following in my 16' Cruisers Inc. with a 65 hp Merc. We hit open water and he slammed the throttle open. The boat stood damn near straight up and quickly leveled off. The water conditions were perfect. The bay was as flat as glass. Just as it straightened out it started a vicious cycle of porpoising. It was so bad the boat looked like a stone skipping across the water.
    On the fourth or fifth cycle the bow dug in and boat flipped and rolled. I don't know how fast we were going, but I was WOT and couldn't keep up. My friend was tossed out and skipped across the waters surface before going under.
    Life jacket? What life jacket.
    The boat bobbed to the surface upside down. Luckily the engine was still attached and the fuel tank was there too. The rest of the hull was torn up badly. I attached a line to what was left and we slowly towed it home. When we got to my friends house, it was dark and his dad was waiting on the dock. First thing he asked was "where's my boat?". All we could do was point to the barely floating mass behind us. All his dad could do was shake his head and laugh.

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    once . . . while i was out of town. . . i actually gave the keys for my boat to Packinair to go to a wedding that was at our river front. he's got no cabin in his cat an i do. ohhhh man WHAT WAS I THINKIN!!! . . .well . . . luck was with me an i got it back in one piece
    Throttles- Cleveland Construction 377 Talon
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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rice Hauler View Post
    I alluded to this incident once in an earlier thread but I may as well elaborate a bit.
    Summer of 2000 and I had just hit Lake Erie with my latest Rice Hauler. A 2000 Single Step Top Gun.
    I have a date with me and I am hoping to impress her and everyone else within eyesight with my matching cig shirt, swim shorts, windbreaker, shoes, towels, key floaters, etc. and oh yeah the boat too.
    We head out to one of the major performance hot spots on Lake Erie's kelly's Island. The Casino Restaurant. The Casino has it's own boat basin and the front row is reserved only for Offshore performance boats. This is only my second or third time there but I am one of the newest Cig's and so nattily attired in matching shirt, shorts, and shoes, that they dock us up right in front with The outdoor tiki bar and restaurant looking down not 5 feet above us onto the GLEAMING nose of my newest expression of virility and boating prowess. At 5'8" and 170lbs. wet (yes this all is leading somewhere) I am a STUD as I cooly follow my date and walk off the boat and onto the dock.
    I spend a relaxing day discussing the virtues of EVERYTHING Cigarette. She spends the day wishing I would just shut up already. As the afternoon wanes on I am sure that everyone within earshot now believes that I bleed Cig red and black, and could captain a boat to the moon if I so desired.
    I decide that it is time to head for home and round up my date and as the assembled cocktail hour throng of people watch and listen,(it seemed like there were at least a couple of hundred there) I cooly tell her that proper boating etiquette DEMANDS that we walk across the other 2 two boats swim platforms that we are rafted too and then onto our waiting TOP GUN.
    I casually follow her scantily clad bottom and instruct her to hand me the stern line.......
    The next thought that I had was that the water was unusually cold and clear and I wonder to myself if anyone saw me go in. Hopfully not. Maybe I could just hold my breath underwater until they close for the night? Who would be the wiser. As I contemplate the relative merits of drowning vs. crawling out I unfortunately float to the surface and one of the attentive Dock Jocks reaches in and hauls me out to the uproar of the crowd and my date.
    You really cannot leave quick enough after a stunt like that with all your coolness and panache washed off and lying at the bottom of the lake. The cold water squelching in your shoes and your shirt and windbreaker sticking to you. But the worst part is that at least once a year someone mentions that they were there and that it was one of the funniest things that they have ever seen. I just try and agree and hope that by next season they will have all forgotten.
    Rice Hauler

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    Back when I was racing my good friend Steve Miklos told me to take the glass windshiel off my boat..a rather brand new 1998 26 Scarab. He said due to weight and aerodynamics I will pick up a easy few mph's.

    I did just take and took the boat out for a test run in the windy chop Gulf of Mexico that afternoon.

    Yep the boat picked up almost 2.5mph.

    During this run the air that the windshield deflected got up under the padded engine hatch and blew it right the heck off! the light motor that held the hatch on was on a slip type of PVC tubing so that if the battery went dead you could manually lift the hatch up to charge the battery.

    Lucky me my wife was out of town for 2 days. So I called Steve up and told him what happened and he dropped everything and came down to the marina and we took the hatch and hinges which were bent real bad over to his friend Jay's house. Jay can fix everything Steve said. Jay litterly hammered the hinges back in place and a little fiberglass work and the wife never new what happened. She still does not know! I sold the boat a few months after that for a real offshore style single engine boat.

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    Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

    running out of gas on a poker run less than 100 yards from the fuel dock and getting towed in by buy the promoter who happened to have a camera guy on board who was filming the poker run. ........thanks Stevo

    many would tell you the dumbest thing I have done is crossing Erie in 5 ft. waves with a 14ft. seadoo just becase I wanted to have a drink with my favorite Casino bartender.

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