What a great weekend, there was an East wind, calm lake and perfect weather. We ran from Holland to Grand Haven, then back to Saugatuck. Total of 80 miles without a hitch. The boat ran like a top and we ran from Grand Haven to Saugatuck with Boatme and even kept up the whole way There was a Film Festival in Saugatuck and it was pact. There were a few Movie Stars there, I didn't see any but who cares there were tons of women there and as the night went on it got crazy. I saved my drinking until night then it was all over, I had a buddy who doesn't drink and he was able to drive me home because I couldn't even see little lone walk. All and all it was perfect. Next weekend is boat free, going to MIS for the NASCAR race. I'm going to have to fit in boating this week so I don't go crazy. Hey Rob, did you like my fly by? I think we were going 75 but I wasn't looking, just smiling. Man is it nice to be back in a go fast boat.