Cherie' and I are planning a trip to the lake the second week of August

my 21 year old son and his girlfriend are going to show up part of the week to spend time with us

We have been given a great condo to stay at for the time we are there (Thanks Joe Lino) and it includes a boat lift (How cool is that ) so the cig will be sitting high and dry at night

I have been to LOTO on business but never have I boated there

I am open to suggestions and meeting a few OSOers that week and or week end

We will have the cig with us and also have my sons way cool custom truck (and ours as well ) along with sons hyabusa to play with

I am looking forward to this time away. SOTW will be behind us and we can just relax and boat

I did not want to be there during the shootout I figured we wouldn't get to enjoy enough of the lake with all the madness the first time out

Ok gang fire away suggestions and anyone who wants to catch up for a bit on the lake