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After a weeks worth of research and no body: Secretary of State, State inspection office, and Secretary of State Police inspector, knew what the heck I was talking about, I contacted the Chief of Police for the Town of Tower Lakes and asked him How I am supposed to fufill my obligation if the Secretary of State Police states I am not in any violation. The Chief stated he would look into the matter and contact me back.......

10 minutes later I received a call from the Chief of Police. He informed me that "The officer was wrong" and "made a mistake". There is no inspection required for a personally owned boat trailer or for my vehicle. He then stated "I greatly apologize for all of the inconvenience my officer caused" and apologized for his officers lack of knowledge with the Illinois Vehicle Code.

I then stated that I drive through his town every weekend and I did not want to have a "bullseye" on my truck and trailer everytime I drove through. I hope the officer won't pull me over for going 2 mph over the limit......he stated that would not happen.......we'll see.

Anyway, he stated he would void the citation and for me not to pay the fine.