I am new to this forum and I hope to be new to offshore fishing soon. I am looking for a boat to use in the Gulf of Mexico (Pensacola area) and am currently considering a couple of Trophy 2002 walkarounds. One is new ('04)and the other is a lightly used 2000 model. Both are similarly equipped and both have 150 Optimax motors. The boat design doesn't seem to have changed since 2000 but I don't know about the motor. I have been told (but not by an uninterested party) that the Optimax was pretty new in 2000 and that there have been significant design changes from thne 2000 model to the 2004 model.

Since the price difference is considerable, I am leaning toward the older model, but would like to hear any comments you all may have, as well as any comments on the boat itself. I am looking at a Walk-around rather than a Center Console mainly because my wife will be along a good part of the time.

I am looking forward to any comments and help I can get here.

Bud Keith