Well after a week off for the convention and going through some pretty rough weather down here, we are ready for another segment of "Talk and Type Tuesday".

Tonight is another open subject night beginning at 9:00pm EDT.

Some members of OSO have expressed interest in talking out some issues on how to help offshore racing along for the 2005 season and we are very happy to accommodate everyone by providing a forum to discuss their ideas and then archive them for others to hear.

We hope to hear from Jeff Aylers tonight on the sale and/or restructing of the unlimited category to see how that parallels with offshore's issues in the past and future.

Also we would like to get some more input on the subject of insurance on high performance boats and what can be done about it from the owners standpoint.

We should hear from those in Florida and what condition their boats are in after two hurricanes and maybe one on the way.

So call 1-800-582-2150 to be a part of the show.

Drew, Kell, Ted and Martin