I am calling on OSO again. Damn I am hight maintenance huh. :-) I received great advice on what to do with wife for her 30th birthday and had a super time planned in Ft. Lauderdale that Frances hosed up. No power for about 2 days and lots of crap in the yard was only thing we got from Frances. Now we have Ivan about to kick our as% so we have had enough. We are boarding up the house and towing the boat outta here for a week or so. I am thinking maybe Lake Lanier. We will have a small cat like dog (10 lbs) with us and we would love to have a marina but not totally required. Any Georgia folks have any advice on resorts/hotels etc? I dont need anything super nice or big $$ because I figure we will have that lovely 2% hurricane detuctable bill to return too. Thanks gain and please everyone that is in the very wide path of Ivan ........take care and good luck to us all.