Hi OSO ......I have another info request!. Damn I am hight maintenance huh!. :-) Well , with everyones help I had a great weekend planned last week for my wifes 30th birthday in Ft. Lauderdale. Ol' Frances hosed that up. House is OK and we had no power for 2 days along with crap all over the yard but we were WAY lucky here in St. Pete...again. Now we have Ivan coming. We have had enough ........two hurricanes in 2 weeks is our limit. We are boardin' up the house and hitching the boat on the truck and getting the hell outta here. I am thinking maybe Lake Lanier so maybe we have something to do other than watch Weather Channel and stress and I hear is nice up that way. Any thoughts from the Georgia folks? I am looking for place with a marina perfered or at least will tolerate a 20 ft boat on a trailer and not too much $$ in case we have stupid bills to pay when we return. Hurricane deductablies leave a mark. We are taking a small dog too so a pet friendly place would be better too. Thanks again and please everyone that Ivan might reach ....be careful and good luck to us all.


ps. I typed this before and thought it posted but didn't see it so I typed /sent it again. Sorry if both show up and I double posted. Beena long day I dunno what I did with the first one.