Me and the wife got the heck outta here for Ivan . (3 hurricanes is too many per season). We stayed on Lake Lanier and had a blast. We definiteley want to return sometime and was wondering if the OSO army had any inside info. We live/boat in Tampa Bay so I am aware of shallow water, but, Lake Lanier's ....100 feet deep then there is a shallow water pole had me sorta scared the whole time. Don't get me wrong I had hit my share of sandbars 'round here learning to boat but the under water submerged objects scare me. Are you OK as long as you use abit of judgement and watch out for the poles? How about cool spots to stop for lunch hang out etc? It was after labor day obviously and during the week so the lake was empty, I hear it gets crazy busy summer weekends. We stayed at a little lodge/log cabin place with a dock and really liked the accommodations. Were headed to the Renaissance on the islands but they wouldn't take our dog and like I said we were evacuating so leaving her here was not an option. Thanks OSO..again.