At least it SHOULD be the beginning of spring as it was the first day I got to go boating with the new boat this year.

I think we finally got all the gremlins out, as the boat actually ran TWICE today ... and came back on two motors both times. Sure were a bunch of little things that ganged up on me... bad 'new' spark plugs, loose ignition ground on one coil, two bad fuel pumps (out of 6), dirty and out of tune carbs ... The motors wound out to 5500 RPM on last falls gas. We checked the motor height when it was on plane and he thinks they need to come up at least one hole, possibly two to realy get them to run. Sure was nice to hear them hit on all the cylinders for a change. Topped the tanks with fresh gas on the ay back in after the second run, so a few more outings and they should start sucking some fresh fuel. I made todays run fairly short due to tons of debreis in the water from the rain from Ivan last week.

I finally talked the good "Mercury" mechanic in the area to come and take a crack at my Yamahas. He was pretty hesitant since he'd never worked on one before, but he found all kinds of things the "Yamaha" mech who came out before didn't. Biggest difference was he was willing to put in the time checking different things till he found all the problems.

It sure was nice to get out on the water again. Here's hoping for a long indian summer.