We stayed with some friends beach front a few hundred yards from the south turn near light house point last week, just below Boca for Sundays Deerfield beach Florida race.

Hit the pits on Sat, and all I can say is what a race 100 yards in front of us, it was heavy surf and windy as hell last week these boys were flying on the edge all afternoon not many finished the race.

I had my Top Gun shipped down for the week,and it was a blast on the ocean with this boat, I now have a new respect for the bay vrs ocean boating ,man do you have to hold on for that ride and drive her every second what a rush.

And at least for me driving in the 80s was a thing of the past out there,steady 60+ was tough enough at times.

As much fun as we have here on the bay in Baltimore ,this is a whole new dimension in getting serious air time ,I can't wait to bring her back down again next year.