Memorial Day weekend. Get in dually to back out of driveway. Back right into maid's Nissan POS and total it. Got some paint on the trailer ball. Call it in to the ins co, make arrangements for rental car, ect. Go to son in laws house and pick up the Formula 311 and drive 2 1/2 hours to the lake. Launch boat. Break pushrod in starboard motor. Put Formula in slip. Go to storage building and get the Sonic 28. We ARE going boating. Make arrangements to drop off the Formula at a local shop on Sunday AM. Boat all day on the Sonic. Load up about 8 PM. About 11 PM, in the middle lane of 5 lanes of I40 westbound into Nashville, BOTH right hand tires come of the trailer. Now I know why they are named Rocket trailers. What a spark show! Get pulled over to the right shoulder, get out of truck, see one tire lying 1 1/2 lanes out, even with the front of the truck. Oncoming traffic looks like the INDY 500. Honda hits the tire, flipping it over the truck to be forever lost in the roadside jungle. Honda stops and wife goes to check on young female driver, cop pulls up simultaneously and I approach. As I get up to his car a Toyota with the left side torn up pulls up behind him. AHH, the other tire is now accounted for. Wait 1 1/2 hours for a big enough roll back. He could't find us on the side of the Interstate? He only took cash, $300.00. That took the rest of my vacation $. My ins agent could not believe it.