I have a 2004 Nordic Flame and my only complaint is that the windshield that is on the boat directs the wind into your face. I would like some protection from the elements to try and extend my season a little bit. I do not want to bolt anything on the existing windshield and have tried a couple of the existing products on the market(wind aways) but I want something more. What I would like to do is work off the existing windshield and form and shape a new fairing. I am thinking the best way to do that would be to glue high denssity foam blocks to the windshield and then shape that to exactly what I want. Once I have that I(and some friends in the boat building business)can form a mold of that and then produce the finshed piece.I would appreciate any help from the board such as where I might be able to find the foam etc. or if somebody has any other ideas or knows any one who produces windshiels or fairings. Thanks in advance