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Down here in lauderdale is a CLEAN 42 named Liq Her
Jerry is the owners name, has twin hp500's carbs that have about 800 hours on them, Last I saw the boat was about 75-80 grand and well worth the money, Boat is FLAWLESS but the engines have too many hours on them to be a consideration for me.
No trailer, no hyd steering, no headers but the whole boat is there.
Rumor has it this Jerry guy used to work for Sonic for a short time period and contracted this boat to be built for him, even added a fiberglass platform at the helm cause he is short so he could see over the bow.
Clean good looking ride.
Jerry worked for Sonic long after he purchased this boat. It has always been stored inside and he takes good care of it. It is a 42'. He used to own a liquor store, hence the name.