I need a drawing for an accesory building.

I am looking at buying a new house but one of the conditions is that the builder get writen permission to build this building for my boat and work truck and inventory.

What I would like is if someone could QUICK draw it up and E-MAIL it to me.

there will be a dividing wall down the middle with a gable at each end of the building.
cieling height on the left hand side is 14 ft. with a 12 by 12 ft garage door.
cieling height on the right side is to be 10 ft. with a 9 ft wide 8 ft tall garage door.
this is all on one end of the barn.
I also thought a window high up on the gable looking out of the attic would add a little more design to it.
The barn is to be 30 by 40.
I plan on having two windows on each side and a 3 by 7 door on the 10 ft tall side.

Is there anywhere that I can download these pictures or can one of YOU draw it up FAST.

Thanks in advance.
Steve Whitbeck (616) 723-1720