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Yeah I hear ya. Here is the picture of my rear seat.

Any ideas how to make it safer......

I personally don't like the idea of the grab handles that are like a T right in front of the back seat, seem like another thing to bounce off of. What I did in the back of my 30 Spectre was to install a couple of the larger sized pin cleats in the panel under the seat, then I got the largest 3 strand line that would go through the pin cleat and made a loop for the passnger to hold onto, when just 2 passengers in rear they can keep one hand on the rope and the other on the grab handle in the side of the cockpit. If there are three passengers in the back seat then the one in the middle has something to hold onto, with the pin cleats I just remove them when they aren't needed.
Not a lot of money but the people that have used them think they are great.