The Auxiliary up in the Thousand Islands are more of a hassle then anything else. Almost seems that they have nothing better to do but flaunt their "power." Walk around the docks saying stuff, preaching their word at little events. Unfortunately the ones Iíve encountered do not know about anything realistic, they just like to wear their uniform. Only thing they've done positive for me is to give an inspection sticker. If they had a different attitude (not so righteous and by the book) they could be a real asset to boaters.

As for the real Coasties, they have not bothered me at all, but I have known some to be real reckless. I am on the water every day running 10-20 mi. a day in the summer, and I have yet to be stopped. Most of this is going to work on the islands, and a lot of it is running in Canadian waters. Another local I know who lives on an island got stopped for inspections five times in four weeks. Neither of these are high-performance boats, neither look suspicious, and both have NY registration. He has a safety sticker too. Go figure.

Gotta admit itís neat watching the Coasties, Border Patrol, and Customs run around in some new high $$$ rigs, so I have no problem seeing them around. Unless they run me over, bump my boat when they get close and tie up to me without fenders, as I have seen them do so many times.