The future of hot boats lies more with the expierence, training and sensability of the crew. I have driven several type of boats, flat bottoms, enduros,SS,IT's ,hydros and small and big deep V offshore boats over 100mph. Most who have done so the same over a period of time and survived know that as a sport we have got to have boat owners and drivers who realize that if you are going to run a boat over 100+ you are responsible for yourself and your passagers. That should mean vests and helmets for everyone on board in anything but photoshots or some extremely rare pristine water conditions. No drugs or alcohol in driver, trim or throlleperson. I know its a pain to wear this equipment in hot humid conditions and I know the babes don't won't to screw up the look!I know how fun it is to party, get crazy and have great times with freinds and fellow boaters, but how much fun will you be having in an emergency room , pacing, waiting to find out if a family member or friend is going to make it or walk again! And lets face it, funerals suck!! But as more and more builders turn out 100+ "pleasure boats" the number of injuries and deaths will continue and increase to a point where the "nimby" public will pressure legislators and insurers to wipe out any opportunity for any hot boaters to enjoy there rides anywhere except outside the 12 mile limit! How many on this forum have ever seen boat racers get in a 100+ boat with out a helmet or vest! None! You hit the water at 100+ and I can just about assure you of serious injury or drowning! Lets get smart as a sport and start saving this sport before its to late! I am not trying to preach or sermonize everyone but dam! we will all be cry'in an piss'in like babies if "they" kill our sport. Lets get the builders to offer affordable voluntary training for drivers and crew(throttles) on every 100+ boat they sell and lets get smart make sure all of us preserve our sport by being safe and sane at the wheels and throttles of our big toys" I can almost guaranty that if we don't get this done as a sport in the next five years,this sport will be killed by legislation and the misinformed public! I will shut up now and get back off my soapbox.
I love speed!
Ray @ Raylar