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I know of a 94 38' Signature that has never been completely rigged and is for sale ! The guy who owns it had a 28' Signature A boat called Empty Pockets ! Ron, OPA P4-33 STEELIN TIME .
Thats not an original signature. Probably the same molds but not the same company. The 32 signature became the 32 Manta, there were two raceboats that I new about, one was a called "Bandit" and the other one was called "the heat is on". The 32 was the same hull as the 27 stretched and with about 6 inches added to the hull sides. The 32 had TONS of room inside the cabin. As it was explained to me this modification was done so the boat could cary more ______ in the cabin. The 27 signature was nothing more than a 27 magnum with a different deck. I think the 38 was an original design. I had one with triple outboards, it was fast, but it pounded the hell out of you.