HI Guys,
Just want to keep you updated. My post "Handle" has changed from DWG to gocigger31. Since I have just sold my 86 Wellcraft Nova of 19 years and now the owner of a Bullet, I officially made the change on OSO. Yes, I have paid for another membership because I love you guys sooooo much.
Well, still have not received the Bullet yet, but am waiting patiently, actually my patience is running out. Hopefully the boys at Gulf Coast Boating Center and McCord upholstry will come through- I have trusted DaveSensations suggestion about the dealer and am sure they will come through. More on that after delivery....I am sure all positive. This coming Friday (finally) the upholstry will be done(3rd promise), new trailer fitted and on its way to the foothills of Northern california sierra mountains- ya hoo. Just in time for the Big Rat Poker Run in Discovery Bay- some socializing I am excited about as I here those guys are class acts...also OSO family.
With new camera in hand, once Ciggie shows up, hopefully in 10 days, pics are sure to post .
Well back to the family and Happy Easter.