I just want to let everyone know that Mark and crew at MER are a first class act. I was called in to do some work on an Apache that was in his shop. He built a pair of 1100 HP blown engines for this boat which weighs in at approx 14,000 lbs. Did the work on it and then came time to sea trial it. Lets just say that I have ran a few boats inthis set-up and after warming the oil up the thing pinned me back in the seat like it was running a top fuel engine it. VERY impressive never got a chance to ring it out all the way because of the fog that day and could only run it in the intercoastal with limited waterways to unleash it, but it pulled to the low 90's just like that.

Anyone in the southeast US I would highly recommend Mark for your engine work. He can be reached @ 843 399-8785 usually 7 days a week.

Sean Stinson