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Is there a big difference in a 2000 and a 2002 Corvette, beside one having 345HP and the other 350HP. In looking for a used C5 should I look for a particular year over another? I have found two that I really like, which Is a better deal, 2000 black convertible 20,000 miles in pristine condition $ 28,500 or a 2002 black convertible with 18,000 miles in excellent condition $ 33,000. Thank You, Kirk
As people have mentioned, the difference between the two cars in terms of updates is insignificant. I would probably go for the one in pristine condition, because that one is more likely to have fewer problems that you may have missed. There are so many Corvette owners who take impeccable care of their cars (I'm one of them), there is no reason not to buy one that isn't in perfect condition. It is also easy to find them with very low miles, too.