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many times before.
and many times after.

When we used to take chicks out on the Wellcraft, I would run WOT and trim for zero steering torque (a little bit positive trim) which was 46, 48 mph. And I would wait for my buddy to give me the nod. And I would point the boat towards a buoy and scream "we're gonna hit it" from a few hundred yards away. When the girls looked and saw the bouy I would turn and run up the back of the boat and right off the back of the swim pad into the water. A couple of girls peed themselves (different occasions). We did lots of stupid stuff like that. Can't really think of why we ever thought to do it, but it was fun so we just added it to the "stupid things to do all the time" list.
I sure hope you all were always on the same page about just exactly whose turn it was to jump out.