We went to a preview screening today put on for members of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum...I highly recommend it.

For those of you that don't know, this movie was made about 3 years ago and was never released. It is the story of the 1971 Miss Madison Unlimited Hydroplane Team. I have a feeling the the leading man's (Washington State Native Jim Caviezel) success as Jesus in "The Passion" may have had a little to do with it's limited release in several cities on April 22nd.

It's a great family movie with the standard underdog storyline, but it isn't cheesy, and the racing footage is wonderful. I was truly impressed with how good it was.

The Hydroplane and Raceboat museum provided most of the boats used in filming. Most of them are on display at the museum here in the Seattle area, and they do run them several times a year on Lake Washington....there just isn't anything like an old unlimited for excitement and NOISE.

This movie is an indy film without a huge marketing budget, but I hope you'll go support it if its in your area.

The Official Site - Madison the Movie

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

-Disclaimer: other than being a total boat racing geek and a member of the museum, I have nothing to do with the movie.