Ran across some pretty impressive boats yesterday. Saw an orange sutphen "outrageous" on a trailer coming onto 140 from 24 south in taunton, a little while later as i'm telling the wife about that one a huge yellow/orange outerlimits behind a white chevy dually was on 24 n. Around 6:30 we had the formula tied up next to a 290 powerquest in bristol. Then a 22 donzi and a 22 checkmate that we met up with later in fall river blasted through bristol harbor sounded awesome, could hear them coming long before i could see them lol. Unfortunately the coast guard was patrolling back and forth from the bar and the boat ramp so i had to leave and cruise back nice and easy couldnt make much noise oh well it was pretty dark anyhow. Hope everyone had a good safe weekend, Nice meeting you guys at the tipsy next time i'll stay a little longer!