Mercury Racing introduces “Mercury Racing SWIPES Boat & Hand Cleaning Wipes” in a new, convenient, 28-count container. The container might be smaller, but the SWIPES are just as big and powerful with the same extra large size, 10”x12”, heavy duty, all purpose cleaning wipes for which SWIPES are well known.

SWIPES Boat & Hand Cleaning Wipes were introduced in June of 2004 by Dillon Chemical in Jeffersonville, PA. “Everyone has been noticing how great SWIPES work. With the positive feedback and the ever growing popularity of SWIPES, Mercury Racing noticed the product and wanted to offer their customers the same easy way to clean up fast while boating. Dillon Chemical was able to fill this need. The new, smaller packaging adds another dimension of convenience. These wipes eliminate the typical leaky trigger sprayers and dirty rags, and they can be stored easily on any size boat,” explained Dan Dillon,