DRRA Announces the
Addition of Offshore Pro Series to the APBA Gold Cup Races

The roar of eight Offshore Pro Series powerboats will add a new dimension to the Chrysler Jeep Superstores APBA.Gold Cup race weekend on the Detroit River,
July 13 - 15. Detroit River Regatta Association (DRRA) President, Tom Bertolini announced today.

“These will be the biggest boats to race on the Detroit River since the days of Gar Wood, and an exciting addition to our Chrysler Jeep Superstores Gold Cup race week,” said Bertolini. Ranging from 39 to 44 feet in length and powered by automotive or turbine engines up to 3,700 horsepower the eight Offshore entries will add a new dimension to the Detroit River Regatta Association’s celebration.

“We look at the Gold Cup as the pinnacle of boat racing and we are proud to bring our Offshore boats to the most historic race course in boat racing, “said Tom Abrams, of Canton, Michigan, owner/driver of Reliable Carriers, Inc. , a 39 foot catamaran.

“The Unlimited hydroplanes and our Offshore Pro Series boats are very different, but we hope to complement their event and to bring our fans and support to Detroit,” said Abrams. “It is a little bit like having both Indy cars and NASCAR at the same event.”

The Offshore boats will be based in a special area at Henderson Park, near the MacArthur (Belle Isle) Bridge. “We have a unique pit area set up that is very accessible to fans, they can come in mingle with the teams, and see the boats up close, said Abrams.

Offshore boats raced as part of the Detroit events from 1979-1983 with winners including Joel Halpern, Betty Cook and Al Copeland running on a course from the Ambassador Bridge out into Lake St. Clair and back to downtown. “Our sport has changed a lot since then, “said Abrams. “Many of our races now run on five mile long courses with seven or eight turns. The course in Detroit will be unique. This will be the first time that we have run on the hydroplane race course.”

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