To keep pace with its growth, Outerlimits Powerboats recently added marine industry veteran Chip Fendt to its staff. As Director of Sales, Fendt will liaison between customers, dealers and the company directors to keep communications and production lines moving smoothly. He will work closely within the factory and with parties across the country, becoming a “right hand” to Paul Fiore, who currently directs and handles much of the production and sales.

“We are in a fast-paced mode, with our production, Poker Run and Powerboat P1 Racing schedules, all picking up pace, and we want our customers to know that their needs and our communication with them, remains top priority with Outerlimits,” said Mike Fiore, President, “Chip knows the industry, the performance boat customer and he will be a value addition to the company’s efforts to maintain our number one status.”

Fendt has a long history in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of powerboats and worked with Fiore at his prior company. “Paul Fiore and I go back,” said Fendt, “We accomplished a great deal in ‘the old days’ and I look forward to working with him again at Outerlimits. This is a great opportunity for me and I am proud to be at the top of the performance market.”

Living in Sarasota, Florida and commuting periodically to Bristol, Rhode Island keeps Fendt close to two important Outerlimits markets, the Northeast and Southeast. While his background is strongly in manufacturing and sales, his recent work in boat brokerage has expanded his insights on the boating market. In addition, his experience as a World Champion offshore racer adds to his value to the company as it has shown a strong penchant for being back in the offshore powerboat racing mode.

“We are delighted that Chip is on board with us,” stated Fiore, “As our team of valued members keeps growing, so does Outerlimits,” he added.